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   Features  >  Peter Filichia's Monday Quiz


1. "Hate California; it's cold and it's damp." ( "The Lady is a Tramp"-Babes in Arms)

2. "There's a girl in Wyoming, and they're combing Wyoming to find a man in white who was out with her that night."( "I'm a Bad, Bad Man"-Annie Get Your Gun)

3. "The bum wants to go to Florida! Come on down!" ("Charity's Soliloquy"-Sweet Charity)

4. "Working man, born in the middle of Michigan, woke with a thought and away he ran." ( "The Ballad of Czolgosz"-Assassins)

5. " I won't put politics on paper; it's a mania, so I refuse to use the pen in Pennsylvania." ("But Mr. Adams"-1776)

6. "What did Washington say to his troops as they crossed the Delaware? I'm sure you're well aware." ("We Can Do It"-The Producers)

7. "She'd say, 'What state's Chicago in?' I'd say, 'ILL'" ("I Can't Do It Alone"-Chicago)

8. "So I knew I had to go to New York, and Larry would be happy writing for a newspaper in Colorado or somewhere." ( "I Was Right"-Woman of the Year)

9. "The Jersey board of health has sent the final warning." ("We've Got to Clean out the Freezer"-Nunsense)

10. "I was born on a thousand acres of Oklahoma land; nothing grew on the thousand acres for it was gravel and sand." ("The Hostess with Mostes' on the Ball"-Call Me Madam)

11. "All the sexes from Maine to Texas have never known such love before." ( "Love is Sweeping the Country"- Of Thee I Sing)

12. "Cotton comes from Louisiana, gophers from Montana, and spuds from Idaho." ( "Rhode Island is Famous for You"-Inside U.S.A.)

13. "I saw your book at a Borders in Kentucky under a sign that said 'New and Recommended." ("A Summer in Ohio"-The Last 5 Years)

14. "I was born in a ditch in West Virginia, ran away from home at 10." ( "Look at Me Now"-The Wild Party)

15."Rhode Island and Connecticut, Georgia, Jersey, and New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware." ( "We Sail the Seas"-Ben Franklin in Paris)

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